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Increase your revenue & patient communications.

Take command of your patient communications & social media marketing.

Demandforce is the easiest and most effective way to communicate with patients and generate new business for your practice. Demandforce automates appointment confirmations and reminders using e-mail and two-way text messaging, helps practices improve their online reputation on sites including Google and Facebook, and enables patient reactivation with promotions, newsletters, and more.

Demandforce syncs seamlessly with your Genius Solutions software allowing you to easily take immediate advantage of all that Demandforce has to offer.

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  • Grow your online reputation
  • Automate patient referrals
  • Generate new appointments with custom e-mail promotions
  • Reactivate lost and inactive patients
  • Measure results and patient satisfaction with real-time reporting
  • Streamline your overall business practices
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For more information, to register for, or get a demo of Demandforce, please visit their Genius Contact Page (so you get the Genius discount), fill out their form and they will contact you.

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