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Practice Management

Billing is the lifeblood of your business. Get a complete practice management system, not just a billing add-on.

eTHOMAS (Total Health Office Management Automation System) is our premiere healthcare management and billing software product. Don't settle for any old billing program. More importantly don't get stuck with and EHR that has a new, untested, "billing component" they are calling a "practice management" program or add-on. Take advantage of more than three decades of Genius practice management expertise. Practice management is an art. It is the art of getting paid, and we love to help you paint your practice with green!

You have the option of choosing our eTHOMAS practice management system as a stand-alone, you can add it to your existing favorite EHR, or by choosing our THOMAS Complete Practice Management Software Solution you'll get our fully integrated program with our eTHOMAS practice management program AND our unique, comprehensive, touch-screen ehrTHOMAS. Diagnostic and billing codes are sent directly from ehrTHOMAS into our tried and true, robust, eTHOMAS practice management and billing system. This direct transfer automates workflow and data/information access at all levels of office work and participation. It makes office efficiency, accuracy, and patient information and confidentiality (HIPAA) a working and integrated function of your office.

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  • Feature-rich applications such as e-Prescribing, e-Statements, and Automated Appointment Reminder Calling integrate seamlessly into your eTHOMAS system
  • Dozens of built-in financial, system, & customizable reports, which can be integrated into Microsoft® Excel or Word
  • Built-in help available on each screen
  • Customize your Appointment Scheduler in dozens of ways & control your office flow with appointment tracking
  • Comprehensive security & activity tracking for HIPAA compliance & confidentiality
  • Flexible scalability allows eTHOMAS to grow with you
  • Find unapplied monies and apply them all from one screen
  • Validation messages help you input data accurately & efficiently
  • Set up discount and adjustment fields, so that you can make adjustments and give discounts while posting
  • Produce customized route/encounter slips & eliminate lost charges
  • Create your own special recall dates and codes, or use our predefined ones
  • Turn on recurring rental feature for DME claims
  • Attach multimedia to patient files (including patient pictures & insurance cards)
  • Personalize your experience by selecting color schemes that fit your mood
  • Process lab orders and results
  • For easy, same day, error correction, allow billers to delete transactions on the same day that transactions are posted
  • And so much more

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