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e-Superbills for ICD-10

Want an electronic Superbill for ICD-10 and to be trained in 45 minutes? We've got a Genius Solution for you!
White Plume says they can train a physician in 45 minutes and that your office can convert to ICD-10 in one day. White Plume's AccelaCAPTURE 6.0 can take your ICD-9 superbill and turn it into an active, clickable, ICD-10 superbill that is connected to your eTHOMAS. Click your way through to ICD-10 coding and billing success in minutes. Don't think it's possible? Find out more about White Plume and watch their two minute overview video to find out how.

Click here to view White Plume's video and to find out more.

Be an ICD-10 Superhero in your office,
by making ICD-10 a non-event for your physicians.


to get Started?

Please visit their Genius Contact Page (so you get the Genius discount), go all the way to the bottom of the page, and follow their instructions for getting your superbill turned in to them and converted.

I want an ICD-10 Superbill now!

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