August 5, 2016 First Friday of the Month Conference Call Recording Available

Posted: Monday August 08 2016 @ 6:41am

Category: Main

For those of you that did not make the Conference Call on 7/1/2016, you can listen to the recording here

Topics Included:

Upcoming Focus Groups

Focus on security

CMS Warning MLN Matters Special Edition Article (SE1616)

Doing a formal Risk Analyses on your systems

Encrypted backup off-site and Disaster Recovery

Up-to-date Windows updates

Getting rid of Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003

Virus Scanner

Encrypted hard drive

Complex passwords that change from time to time

Auditing who has access logon your system


Training employees how to be more secure

Use email wisely

Safe shopping

Playing games

Plugging in USB devices found in the parking lot or home

Use different passwords on each site

Keep your passwords secret

Don't email Patient Data

Password protect your phone

Termination procedures

Business Associate Agreements

Questions and Answers

Final Comments


Other Links

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