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Your New "On Call" Assistant!

ADAMS is an easy-to-use patient contact solution, created to confirm patient appointments and deliver special messages for you.

Spend fewer staff resources while maximizing staff productivity, and do it without ever losing that personal and professional touch your patients deserve. ADAMS works directly with your THOMAS appointment book, making patient reminder calls for you. Keeping in touch with your patients has never been easier or more cost-effective. With ADAMS you can text, e-mail, call, or do any combination of the three to make reminder contacts with your patients.

ADAMS works for you while you are helping the patients in your office, at lunch, or even at home. Your patients will grow to love and count on reminders from ADAMS. You've planned your workflow, let ADAMS help you work your plan.

Featured Benefits
  • Increase your practice income by decreasing appointment no-shows

  • Minimize appointment wait lists based on responses from ADAMS

  • Receive feedback from ADAMS about the status of each contact

  • Seamless integration with built-in eTHOMAS control features

  • Patients confirm or cancel with the press of a touch-tone key on their phone

  • Personal one-on-one training with one of our ADAMS specialists

  • Set the number of times ADAMS will attempt contact

  • Backed by Genius' own customer service, with SoftCare updates & support

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