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Did you know?

  • 85% of patients want digital communication from their providers

  • Automated reminders reduce no-shows by up to70%

  • 62% of your patients prefer being contacted by text message as opposed to a phone call or email

  • 64% of all patients will book appointments digitally within 2 years


Click here to sign-up for your free, no-risk, 30-day trial of Patient Communicator.

Patient Communications
Increase your patient communications.

Just set it and forget it with automated confirmations and reminders

  • Take control of no-shows: Appointment reminders have been proven to reduce no-show rates by up to 70%.

  • Save time – lots of it: The average front office staff saves over one hour each day in outgoing phone calls.


Give your patients what they want: Real 2-way Texting

  • Your patients can say goodbye to waiting on hold – instead of calling, they can send a text message directly to your office staff, and your staff can reply with the click of a button!

  • Communicate with your patients the way they want - 60% of patients prefer this method of communication over any other.


Make scheduling a breeze for you and your patients

  • Enable your patients (even new ones) to schedule their own appointments online, 24/7. If no slots are available, they can even waitlist themselves for their preferred appointment times.


Make the most of it all with your Dedicated Customer Success rep

  • We’re only going to be satisfied when we succeed in improving your relationship with your patients, and help your practice grow. We are committed to working with you and doing whatever it takes to meet these goals.

Try it!
Completely Free for 30 days!

Ready to reduce no-shows, make fewer phone calls, improve recall rates, and give your patients a better experience?


Click here to sign-up for your free, no-risk, 30-day trial of Patient Communicator.

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