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Michigan BC EDI Letter

First off, don’t panic.

This week we received the same notice from BCBS EDI that you did. BCBS EDI will contact all of you, multiple times over the next few months, to move your billing claims processing from them to a new clearinghouse by August.

You read their note right. BCBSM is getting out of the clearinghouse business. If you are using them, you will need to choose a new clearinghouse. You can ignore the change-over messages from BCBSM, if you are currently using Waystar (or another) clearinghouse to handle all of your claims.

We’ve been lucky here in Michigan. Providers in most states have had to pay for claims processing for a long time. Because of this BCBSM change, it is going to cost your office to use a clearinghouse. This can #1) be a gut-clenching moment for you, or #2) it can be an office updating, office simplifying, office re-defining moment for you. We suggest option #2.

BCBS stated Availity will handle the BCBS family of claims, so they are suggesting you move to Availity. We believe if you have been using Availity as a Web-Dennis alternative, you can continue to do so, no matter what clearinghouse you choose.

We at Genius are recommending Waystar. Waystar is a full-service, national clearinghouse offering more than just billing services. You can add e-eligibility and other features, which is why we integrated Waystar into THOMAS years ago.

Our THOMAS-Waystar integration allows you to do much more with just a click from THOMAS. You can bill out and track claims or autopost with a quick click. If you choose Waystar, you will receive these features as part of our two-way integration with them:

  1. Claim submission and 835 scripted automatic retrieval features

  2. Claim tracking and EOB integration (which includes easy autopost)

  3. E-eligibility (*optional, requires additional subscription fee)

This makes Waystar a simple, practice-enhancing choice for you and your office.

We will be having a special Coffee with Genius next Friday, April 28th @ 10am, as well as May 12th @10am, June 9th @10am, and July 14th @10am to answer questions and work with you as we progress over the next few months.

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