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Are your patients covered?

"Verify, verify, verify FIRST!" You've always been told that it's a best business practice. Now you can verify with the push of a finger and get results in a matter of seconds. No muss, no fuss, it's tied into your eTHOMAS system and will let you download any specifics the payors share. Most often you will get benefits, copays, & deductibles. Depending on the carrier you may also get the remaining deductible, co-insurance, etc.

Featured Benefits
  • Focus staff on patient care, correspondence, and collections, rather than benefit verification.

  • Have accurate, up-to-date benefit information before and at every visit.

  • Push a button in eTHOMAS and receive up-to-date verification info and have it loaded directly into your patient data - no calling, noting, typing, or hand tweaking.

  • Now there's no excuse for your staff to not collect copays and deductibles at time of visit.

  • Verification is blazing fast, accurate, covers most insurances (with the list growing daily), and puts you back in charge.

  • Just $29.95/mo, per provider (covered with just one or two eligibility checks) you & your patients can have peace of mind, knowing they are paying the correct amount at the time of service.

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