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Genius SoftCare Services
Current, Compliant, & Complete.

Software program updates.

SoftCare is a convenient, no-hassle support plan that assists you in maintaining your THOMAS solution. Clients enrolled in SoftCare enjoy the benefits of priority technical support assistance, which can maximize staff and billing efficiency, as well as keep your software up-to-date with changes required by the government and industry. SoftCare provides the peace of mind that your THOMAS investment is protected.


Unlimited telephone software support & customer service. Software modifications/additions to address industry, regulatory, and insurance/EDI/clearinghouse changes (aka Updates). Our clients also receive special pricing for any additional products and services we offer, that they choose to add-on.

Featured Benefits
  • Our web site is full of the latest information about important industry related topics that may affect your business organization.

  • Educational and continuing educational training.

  • Use our secure "Genus Mail" feature to send correspondence between your THOMAS and our customer service technicians.

  • Utilize our special "Genius on the Web" information library and resource website designed exclusively for Genius Solutions SoftCare subscribers, complete with extensive help features, training videos, news items, and more.

  • Special Genius E-mail News Alerts and Hot Industry related topic notifications.

  • Genius online News options (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) for up-to-date news and information, as well as helpful information, tips and tricks, office management suggestions, and the latest news and events affecting our industry.

  • Participate in our monthly telephone conference calls with other Genius Solutions customers in concert with our technical and training staff to discuss timely topics affecting our industry. Learn how to take on these challenges by collaborating with the experts and other colleagues in your profession.

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