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e-Prescribing for eTHOMAS

Easier, quicker, & more secure for you & your patients.

Did you know?
The average physician writes 30 prescriptions a day and handles another 30 refill requests.

RxNT is the gold standard in electronic prescriptions, they are part of SureScripts, the major exchange for almost all prescription in the USA.

RxNT offers THOMAS users an integrated web and PDA product that gives health care providers of all sizes a flexible solution. RxNT does more than just let you send your prescriptions electronically, it will also assist both you and your patients in the selection of generic drugs (when possible), monitoring for drug interactions, and allowing you to see what other providers have prescribed for your patients. Electronic prescription submission also speeds up the processing of prescription pick-up for the waiting patient, cuts back on prescription forgeries, and saves you time and money.

For more information about RxNT & SureScripts please visit their website:

Featured Benefits
  • Integrated web and PDA connections

  • Comprehensive drug database

  • Real-time patient-specific medication history

  • Custom sig creator

  • Current and comprehensive real-time formularies

  • Drug, food, and allergy interaction screening

  • Access to more than 72,000 pharmacies nationwide in a HIPAA compliant interface

  • Point of care access

  • Reduced pharmacy call backs for illegibility

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