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WritePad has led the way in Chiropractic Electronic Health Records (EHR), since 1996. WritePad has always been ahead of the pack in Workflows, Chiropractic Screen Content, Randomized verbiage for your SOAP notes, and a host of patient-centric features that help you to make your patients feel well cared for while making your life easier. It continues to lead the way today as one of a handful of EHRs to have passed full government ambulatory testing before the end of 2010.

If you use eTHOMAS in conjunction with WritePad, your life gets "automatically" easier.

  • Patient information, pictures, appointments, and appointment types automatically transfer from THOMAS into WritePad.

  • Because Patient types transfer into WritePad, WP can automatically have specific intake screens attached to them, so that your patients can automatically give you the information you are looking for.

  • Diagnosis and Procedures codes automatically transfer from WritePad in to THOMAS making billing automatically faster and easier for your staff to post and for you to receive compensation.

Add WritePad. 

Call Us Today!

In Michigan 586.751.9080

Office Efficiency
  • Log a visit in minutes as you go, noting the areas, types, level, etc. of pain with a few clicks

  • Customize/Build screen & develop your own workflows for your needs

  • Go "paper free". Attach electronic data (x-rays, lab reports, pictures, etc.) & embed images into reports

  • Inter-office messaging for enhanced office communications

  • Patients can enter and update their information

  • Built-in medical dictionary

Patient Care
  • See current and previous notes on the same screen

  • When patients check-in the doctor's patient list is updated for fast patient file retrieval

  • Auto-merge patient information into reports and letters

  • Detailed, subjective descriptions of pain scales, severity, and more

  • Patient summary screens track accumulated procedures and history with hyperlinks for instant access

  • Provide secure "anytime" access to patient information for you, your staff, and your patients

Increased Profitability
& Compliance
  • Built-in screen input (Medicare P.A.R.T. guidelines) helps you properly document and code to the highest E/M levels

  • Customizable point-and-click templates for visit documentation and medical necessity support

  • Matches documentation to preformed procedures for proper coding and billing

  • Randomized/Customizable SOAP notes

  • Over 350 built-in Ortho/Neuro tests

  • HIPAA compliancy with full safety checks like login passwords, note lock downs, user logs, secure permission levels, etc.

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