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Bring real-world billing into your classroom.

Medical Billing Education Software Give your Students a Step Up!
It's almost impossible to get practical job experience without having a job and you can't usually get the job without the experience. Don't settle. Give your students real working software experience that will pay off, by using a real practice management program in your classrooms.

What does School THOMAS offer?
Easy-to-use screens navigate students step-by-step. Over two decades of experience in chiropractic and healthcare management software A reputable, renowned software makes student outplacement easier.

How to get School THOMAS
School THOMAS is offered to educational institutions at no charge. Simply purchase instructor and student manuals, and receive training. It's that easy!

Featured Benefits
  • Personalized instructor training

  • Student & instructor manuals

  • Easy-to-install software

  • World-class Genius support

  • Quick retrieval of student data

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