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Did you know?
Transworld Systems' website says- "With a success rate 4 times the industry average, Transworld has collected $6 billion over the past decade for more the 60,000 clients- from Fortune 500 companies to small business."

Transworld Systems (TSI)
Turn your A/R green!

Transworld Systems is the world leader in profit recovery. They are #1 in all areas of collections, placements, recovery rate, number of clients, and dollars recovered. Their profit recovery tool is a diplomatic, third-party profit recovery solution.

Their profit recovery and collections tools help you to recover past due/slow pay patient payments, while their accelerator tool provides the same third-party intervention for your slow insurance payers, forcing them to respond. Transworld Systems charges you a low, flat rate per account and you keep what they collect- Your Money!

Ready to get started?

Contact Melody Wrobleski for a consultation. Melody is Genius Solutions' Transworld Systems recovery specialist, and she can be reached at 248-495-3513, or by e-mail at


Leave your office name, contact person's name, and phone number, with a time that you can be reached. Remember, to receive the Genius Solutions' discount with TSI you must let Melody know that you are a Genius Solutions' client.

Featured Benefits
  • You choose which patients to upload into their system for collection and when.

  • The service is HIPAA compliant and works anywhere along your A/R path, from new past due accounts, to severely delinquent and hard to collect accounts.

  • You can monitor the status of your accounts at any time, with their secure online/Internet portal.

  • Decreases staff pressure and time allocated to collections.

  • Retains happy, paying patients, rather than alienating them from your practice.

  • A heavyweight collector in your corner that is number one in the nation, with a success rate more than four times the industry average.

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