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Automated Patient Statements
Statements, the Easy & Economical Way!

Still sending all of your insurance claims on paper? Then why are you still sending out your patient statements that way? It takes so much time and office manpower to do it. There is a better way. Let your resources work for you while we print and mail out your statements!

No more muss or fuss, no extra supplies in the coat closet, and no more lunches spent at the post office to mail them out. Prepare and send statements as often as you would like, customize your messages, select and deselect patients on the fly. Have eTHOMAS prepare your file, but instead of printing them out in your office, send us the file (securely over the internet) and carry on with the rest of your day. Now you have more time to follow-up with patient care and insurance payments.

*Prices depend upon the current postal rates and the quantity of statements you regularly send. (There are also a few extra choice options to chose from.) The quickest way to get an accurate price is to call: 586.751.9080 / 800.645.0955

Featured Benefits
  • Let your staff focus on patient care, patient correspondence, & collections instead of spending their time mailing out statements

  • Don't purchase & store statements, toner, envelopes, stamps, etc. anymore

  • Send color patient statements with enclosed return envelope

  • Built-in eTHOMAS option

  • No long-term commitments - You are charged only for what you use, no monthly fee

  • Statements are generally mailed by the next business day

  • Start now & use the service as much or as little as you want (some restrictions apply)

  • You can still print & send individual eTHOMAS Statements whenever you wish

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