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Be up and running in a couple of days!

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Backline: For Doctors

Your cell phone could be the most important and safest tool in your patient toolbox!

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  • Medicare approved. Backline dates and time stamps your visits (start and end) making it easy to add your call time to your visit documentation, which makes getting paid easy.

  • No expensive "Per Call" visit charge. Just $300 per provider, per year, for as many patient visit calls and follow-up, calls as you would like to make.

  • Quick, easy, safe check-ins for less mobile and higher risk chronic patients.

  • Conduct consults and training with staff, especially home care staff, eliminating extra office and hospital visits for patients. Giving patients and staff quick, easy, and secure access to their best asset - YOU!

  • Not only can you video chat with your patients, but with built-in secure texting, file sharing, and an integrated eForms platform you can fully serve, follow-up, and comply with all HIPAA and billing standards to care for your patients, yourself, and your staff, even in this time of COVID-19.


​Quick, secure, and compliant for you & your patients.

Backline: for Patients

Be safe! Keep others safe.

No need to sign up for yet another software or account that houses personal information about you.  Simply accept the Backline phone call from your Doctor and they are at your fingers, from the convenience of your home (or wherever you are). HIPAA compliant, personal, safe, easy doctor access.

Fight against Coronavirus. Keep you or loved ones safe by not bringing healthy or high-risk patients into contact with sick patients. Care providers can be with their cared for loved ones and the doctor on the visit. Multiple care providers can also be together with you on a call, or a nurse can show you how to do something.

Save gas, time, frustrations, your health, and still get safe, secure, one-one personal care and follow-up from your doctor.

Be up and running in a couple of days!

Contact or Call (800.645.0955) Genius Sales Now!

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