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We are the creators of the eTHOMAS Practice Management and ehrTHOMAS certified complete EHR software systems

Automating your office is no longer an option, it's a necessity, and integrating Practice Management and EHR solutions into your practice is the answer. Genius Solutions, Inc. has 30 years in the business of specialized healthcare software solutions. We integrate certified complete electronic health records (EHR) and billing into one powerful practice management solution. With Genius Solutions you can ease your documentation burden, increase your office productivity, and be prepared for continuing healthcare changes.

Don't leave money on the table, on your computer, or in a file...
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The Genius Advantage

The complete Genius Advantage means both our software and us. Our THOMAS software contain extensive features and an easy-to-use interface that has been getting doctors paid, throughout the United States, for almost 30 years now. THOMAS will help you turn your correct documentation into reimbursement. You will be able to increase your billing case dollars, while avoiding missed billing elements and audit issues, which will result in higher reimbursements to your practice.

If local, US based, customer service is worth its weight in gold...what happens when we also let you know that we design, program, and train you right here from Warren, Michigan as well? Our clients receive personal one-on-one technical support services and training. As a matter of fact, many healthcare professionals have switched to our company for the personal service and timely support we provide! When we say "We care!", we mean it.

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