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Helping you get Documented, Paid, and Supported

Fully loaded PM

eTHOMAS is our premiere healthcare practice management and billing software solution. It's not an add-on or an afterthought. Don't settle for an EHR that has a new, untested, billing component. eTHOMAS is fully integrated with ehrTHOMAS giving you direct information transfer between your practice management and your EHR making appointments, billing, documentation, and payment (with HIPAA security) easier than ever.

3X Certified EHR

ehrTHOMAS can help you turn your documentation into reimbursement. Our unique, cutting-edge, touch screen user interface provides you with an easy-to-use application that truly looks and feels different from any other EHR software program on the market. The interface design is also compatible with tablets, laptops, and standard office workstations, which provide you with greater workspace flexibility and mobility.

Supporting You

We are always developing new software solutions that will allow you greater freedom and ease to do what you do best. When we say "We care!", we mean it. Our design, programming, technical support, and training services are fully housed and provided in the United States. This allows us to give you unparalleled one-on-one customer service. Healthcare professionals switch to us specifically for this service experience.

We specialize, just like you!




for PT & OT

Medical +


PM/EHR for Medical, Behavioral, Specialties, etc.




for Chiropractors




for Podiatrists

In the cloud or in your office, we've got you covered!

Prefer to host your own system and data in your office?

If you have multiple offices and prefer to keep complete control of all of your own computer networking, equipment, and data systems. Then we can work with you to set up THOMAS in your office so that you can feel safe, secure, and in control of everything from A-Z.

Data Cloud
Prefer to just "log on and go"?

If you are a small office, if you are just starting out, if you don't want to purchase and maintain an in-office server and full network (including security, updates, back-ups, etc.)...You might feel less overwhelmed by being able to just log into "the cloud" and work. This option is just as easier or easier if you have an off-site biller.


Technology at Your Fingertips

Save time. Don't sweat the changes. Just help your patients & let us help you Get Paid! 


At Genius Solutions we know that it is easier for providers to enjoy helping others and pursue their medical passion when they don't have to worry about money coming in or constantly changing regulations.


We are the creators of THOMAS (Total Health Office Management Automation System) Practice Management System (eTHOMAS) and our three-time government-certified EHR (ehrTHOMAS). We help both your office flow and your patient flow with automated appointments, reminders, insurance verification, inventory, statements, claims submission, remittance posting, payments, and more, with a resource library full of templates, tests, and reports for your specialty.


We're here to support your system, you, and your office every step of the way. And with 35+ years of experience, we know how to keep you moving forward with confidence.



What People are Saying

We Care!

The transition to electronic medical records is a difficult one for any medical practice to make but Genius Solutions made it as easy as possible for us. The EHR support team was by our side the entire way teaching and guiding us to a successful transition and attestation for Meaningful Use, Stage 2. 

Rita Albert,

Office Manager for

Alan L. Feldman, DO, PC

Genius Solutions is a well-established company with a long history of serving Podiatrists. ehrTHOMAS is the Cadillac of electronic medical record software.

The training and support departments are fantastic, the software is very user friendly, and the price is affordable.

Gene D. Rohacz, DPM

Being one of the first Internal Medicine Clinics to adopt the Genius Solutions ehrTHOMAS has given us the opportunity to work hand and hand with their very talented and knowledgeable staff. Their ability to listen to our needs and deliver has helped to grow and make the EMR such a crucial part of our patients care.

John Grietsell,

Trenton Total Health Care Center PC

I have been using the Genius Solutions EHR program going on 3 years now.  The program is easy to use. It can be customized to fit the needs of any practice. In those cases where support needs to be called they are very resonsive in addressing whatever issues arise.  This includes addressing any end user suggestions to improve the program.

Peter F. Gregory, DPM

It seemed as if we were bombarded with all the EHR choices out there when it came time to pick one. Thank goodness for Genius who has made the transition seamless. No hype, no broken promises, just upfront get the job done people. Genius made it simple and very user friendly. I love my Genius software!

Linda Monroe,

Office Manager for Gomez and Seoane, MDs

Genius Solutions provides one of the best support staff I have ever dealt with. They are always available to answer questions and are never in a hurry. They will quickly log into your computer and step-by-step help you with personalizing your EHR experience or answering any concerns. The staff even walked me through my attestation process personally.

Hugh R. Protzel, DPM

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